Our page talked to the businessman Mr. Adamos Palourtis, who is active in the field of real estate / construction and among other things told us about the development of our city and what the next 10 years will bring us, based on his own estimates.

1. Mr. Palourtis, you are a businessman with many years in the real estate sector. Why did you choose to deal with this and especially with that of construction in recent years? 

Our company has a history in the real estate sector, since 1970 where my father Charalambos Palourtis started from Famagusta. The engagement in the field of construction arose after years of friction with the object and due to the intense love in the creation of remarkable quality houses, guided by the quality service of our customers. The principle of our company is to avoid problems that we have all heard in the past about mortgaged plots, non-issuance of title deeds, etc.

Customers at New Zoe Developers and Palourtis Estates have nothing to worry about.

2. Tell us a little about N ew  Zoe  Developers. How many projects have you completed, which are in progress and in which areas.

The development company NEW ZOE DEVELOPERS LTD is active with apartment projects in the center of Larnaca, on the coastal road Larnaca – Dhekelia, in the area of ​​Pylas hotels, opposite the new AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF CYPRUS and in Livadia near the roundabout of Agios Savvas.

As a company we grow on a solid basis and the projects we do are very well thought out and targeted in terms of size, location and price.

So far we have completed the following projects:  Academia Tower ,   Irini Gardens , Marina Complex

The projects in progress are:   Sophia Gardens , Zoe Gardens , Theodosia Residence ,   Charalambos Residences

3. What do you consider the strengths of your company and why should someone trust you?

We target specific categories of buyers, such as young families who need a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment to start their life, with comfortable apartments in THEODOSIA RESIDENCES , in a new area, hill, at a dead end, next to green just 3 minutes from Larnaca, and from the new university on Dhekelia Street.

We also create luxury apartments that can be rented in high rentals in the city center, near the new marina and the new AMERICAN UNIVERSITY university.
Finally, we create independent ground floor houses 300 meters from the sea on Dhekelia street for permanent residence or holiday home. A visit to our deliverable houses on Dhekelia street, at ACADEMIA TOWER can convince even the most demanding buyer.

4. What do you consider the strengths of your company and why should someone trust you?

The strongest point of our group of companies is that we have been in the real estate market since 1970, recording a journey of 51 years and this in itself is our greatest legacy. I want to believe that we have one of the best names in the Larnaca real estate market, in terms of efficiency and honesty in real estate sales. Of course, Larnaca is Cretan and not me personally. But I feel comfortable expressing it.

5. As an entrepreneur who operates in Larnaca, how do you see Larnaca as an investment destination based on developments such as the removal of oil tanks, the signing of the marina port project, etc. 

Our city today is undoubtedly number 1 in the preferences of investors, due to the withdrawal of oil tanks and the start of work on the major port-marina project mainly. At the same time, we see that various projects are currently underway in Larnaca and it is important that they are in the process of implementation. The recent inauguration of the S8-S9 pumping stations is a very important development as they are now shielding the city from floods and in our sector it is very important to make the necessary infrastructure in the city.

At the same time we see private investments such as the new shopping center, the new hotels in the center and in the area of ​​Dhekelia to give impetus to our city and put it on the map.

6. As an experienced Larnaca entrepreneur, would you like to tell us how you see the city over the next 10 years in terms of growth and investment opportunities?

In the next 10 years I believe that our city will be a jewel city that many foreigners will want to visit again and again and its citizens will be very proud. The airport is a very important tool for our benefit as well, which in combination with the new port and the new large hotels and infrastructure that will be designed will raise the quality of life of its citizens, while offering quality jobs.

7. What are the next steps of  New Zoe  Developers.

The next steps of our company are the creation of one bedroom apartments. 1 km from Lkas Dhekelia road near the new AUCY university. At the same time we are preparing a project near the new marina with luxury apartments.

As a company we always aim to offer quality in the daily life of our customers and one pillar we have to achieve this is green. As part of this policy, we are proceeding with the planting of 2 divisions of trees in Livadia and Pyla in the context of creating a nice environment around our residential units.

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