13 Major Projects In Larnaca In 2023

The mayor of Larnaca, Andreas Vyras, will add to the major projects, as the mayor of Larnaca, Andreas Vyras, told “F”, and private investments, mainly in tourist infrastructure and residential units. “There is no doubt that with the private sector projects, such as the redevelopment of the port and marina that begin in 2023, with the relocation of the facilities of the oil companies from the Larnaca-Dhekelia road and with the projects planned by the municipality, Larnaca will take its share of economic development.”

The concern of the Municipality of Larnaca, as he underlined, is to preserve the character and culture of the city. “We don’t want to create bubbles. We want Larnaca to be accessible for all and to have housing for all. That’s why we are also focusing on developments for apartments and houses, which can be accessed by citizens with lower incomes.”

Plans for the city centre are far-reaching and theaim is to launch two major projects in the summer. The redevelopment of the historic Acropolis and Alki squares, as well as the works planned on the shopping streets, are expected to fundamentally change the image of the center.

The squares of Acropolis and Alki will be connected through a common square space, while works will be carried out on parts of Ermou, Konstantinou Kalogera, Gladstonos, Louki Akrita and Orfeos streets. The aim of the project is the aesthetic, functional and qualitative upgrade of the area and to ensure the smooth and safe movement of pedestrians and vehicles.

Almost at the same time, work will begin in the commercial centre of Larnaca, which will take place over a period of five years, on the model of Stasikratous Street in Nicosia. Specifically, paving will be made on Zenonos and Ermou streets, green spaces will be created and sunshades will be installed.

By autumn, moreover, work is expected to begin on the emblematic building of the old hospital, located in the city center, which will house the Larnaka City Hall. The proposal submitted for the listed buildings, erected in the 1930s, provides for their restoration, the demolition of the buildings that are not listed and the creation of new ones, so that in their entirety they can house all the services of the Municipality of Larnaca. The cost of the project is expected to exceed € 6 million. euro.

In addition, within the next few days, the installation of a new pavement in Finikoudes will begin and by the end of the year this project will be completed, which will cost about 1 million euros. euro. The long-term goal of the Municipality for Athens Avenue is to make a total facelift to bring the trademark of Larnaca into line with the €1.2 billion projects. at the marina and port. That is why this year in the budget of the municipality, an allocation has been included in the budget for the announcement of an international architectural competition for the redevelopment of Finikoudes.

Color on the face of “Skala”

The restoration and coloring of the facades of the buildings on Piale Pasha in the Turkish Cypriot district “Skala” may not be, financially, the largest project of the Municipality of Larnaca for 2023, but there is no doubt that it is the most impressive. The long-awaited project, which will cost €1.1 million, will radically change the appearance of the area since the buildings will be painted with various colors, chosen by a group of artists from the historic “canvas” of the city. The first works on the buildings have already begun and the project is expected to be completed in early 2024.

The special character of the district, which also hosts the Artists’ Neighborhood, will be further highlighted with the creation of the “Mediterranean Artists’ Park”. The Municipality of Larnaca has already signed a contract for the execution of the project, which will cost about 1 million euros. euro. The works are expected to start on January 16 and will be completed by December 2023.

Source:  13 major projects in Larnaca in 2023 (philenews.com) 



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