The agreement provided that the Cypriot authority would be able to issue development licenses with the consent of the British Bases in civilian areas. An effort has begun, which, according to the original promises of the President of the Republic of Cyprus, would last for several months and would be completed by the end of 2014.

Since then, meetings, assessments, environmental and other studies, residents of the affected communities await adoption. urban areas that will create new values, jobs and income for the communities, based on the hopes created by the announcement of the agreement.      
The months have become years
The few months have become 6 years. The money and time of civil servants dealing with the issue has been wasted, and people are hearing every six months the new extension time when urban zones will be announced. The residents of these areas have been waiting for 60 years to develop their property. Since 1960, all communities in Cyprus have been given the right to develop and sell their property. Residents of the base areas are still waiting 60 years to be given equal rights as their compatriots.
Myth that the British are responsible

Speaking to InBusinessNews, Adam Palourtis, on behalf of the Ormidia Community Owners Committee, said that the argument that the English were responsible, put forward by government officials, had now been rejected. “The authorities of the North Base have a new post on their website on this issue and are awaiting the approval of the Cypriot authorities to activate it, as we were told by telephone. (See Unfortunately, we come to the above conclusion after attending various events. Most important of these was the first meeting of the Commission designated for the adoption of the planning zones, which was held at UCLan University in Pyla chaired by the Department of Urban Planning. All affected government departments and representatives of the North Base participated and were invited by the Ormidia Mayor and 4 members of the Ormidia Owners Committee for a single time.

The Unjustified Persistence of Town Planning
A characteristic example, according to Mr. Poulourtis, was the intense persistence of the Town Planning Department to adopt a beach protection zone 90 meters from the point where the sea begins. “Note that Ormidea Beach consists of about 170 private blocks, most on the beach, as shown on the map. The white area is managed by the forestry department, which can convert it into a forest if it so wishes. The yellow line indicates approximately the 90 meters of protection zone suggested by the Town Planning, which will essentially have no building factor. So what development are we talking about? For 50-60 estates that will be left out of the beach protection zone? “He said.

Complaints without an answer
Following his statements, Mr Poulourtis told us that they had written the following, without receiving any response:
-The marine area that hosts the Dekelia EAC and the water desalination station is almost dead in terms of fish. Salt levels in the water are too high, due to the operation of the desalination and re-salting station at sea closer to shore than anticipated. 
-Washing of EAC machines causes continuous contamination as soiled water and chemicals are constantly flowing into the sea. 
-The forestry uprooted in one day protected trees and plants in an area of ​​over 20,000sq.m, to plant small trees that today… .. are alive. Is this environmental protection?
“Not only was the response to those complaints not received from those who care about the environment, but in some cases they acted vengefully to silence the voices of protest,” he noted.  

Second Class Residents
In addition, Mr. Poulourtis asked why on the Larnaca-Dekelia road, permits are granted for development 20 meters from the water starting point, while the bases should begin 90 meters for development? “Would it be good for some affected communities to remain garbage and sewage villages to serve the surrounding communities outside the bases?” He wondered.

Disrupted by Continued Postponement
Concluding Mr Palourtis said a few years ago there was a suggestion to make a wastewater treatment plant in Ormidia which was canceled after serious protests by residents. “The people in the affected communities are very upset by the continued procrastination, where we fear that in the end those who benefit will be the only professionals who have prepared pay studies and not the people who have been deprived of their rights for over half a century now.” , concluded.



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