This assurance was given through a letter by the Minister of Energy, Commerce and Industry, George Papanastasiou, who was responding to questions put to him by Larnaka MP Christos Orphanides on the same issue.

An issue that literally “burns” Larnaka, since it is considered crucial for the implementation of future developments in the area.

As we have written before and the local authorities of the city have repeatedly stated, the interest of investors in the area of the former oil tanks is lively, but no development can proceed until the area is completely cleaned and declassified by the Seveso Directive.

We remind you that recently in Larnaka the company “Petrolina” presented the ambitious project called “Larnaka, Land of Tomorrow”, which includes the planned developments on the coastline where the liquid fuel and LPG installations were hosted.

A project that, if implemented, will radically change the image of Larnaka’s coastal front, will greatly upgrade its tourist product and create new jobs.

In his reply letter to MP Chr. Orphanides, the Minister of Energy says that the procedures for the dismantling of LPG and asphalt installations that were active in the area are nearing completion.

“Specifically, the infrastructure of petroleum products and asphalt has all been dismantled, while by the end of April 2023 all LPG installations are expected to be declassified by the Seveso Directive.

Already LPG facilities, such as those of Centragaz Ltd, have been demolished and the rest are scheduled to be dismantled by the summer. The dismantling of the fire extinguishing system is also being promoted and work has begun.

Only KETAP activities related to office spaces and the petroleum products laboratory remain in the area, activities that are expected to end their operation soon,” the minister said.

George Papanastasiou points out in his letter that the issues of monitoring the assessment of pollution and decontamination of the area of the former refinery are the responsibility of the Department of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment.

Source: A matter of days the declassification by Seveso of the eastern coastline of Larnaka –



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