A huge area of land will now be available for use by residents and property owners within the territory of the British Bases following the landmark decision to partially release properties at the Dekelia and Akrotiri Bases.

Specifically, according to data we collected, the entire area of Akrotiri and Dekelia Bases occupies an area of 25,000 hectares – i.e. 250km2. The new Development Plan includes the entire area of the Bases, except for the areas of the Military Installations, which occupy a total area of 5,000 hectares (2,000 hectares in Akrotiri and 3,000 hectares in Dekelia) i.e. a total of approximately 50 km2.  Therefore, the total area included in the new Policy Statement for the Bases amounts to approximately 19,945 hectares [9,333 hectares (Akrotiri) and 10,612 hectares (Dekelia)]. That is, about 200km2.

In more detail, the Communities/Municipalities that fall within the new Plan, by region, are as follows: It should be noted that all the following Communities (except for the Akrotiri community which falls in its entirety) only fall within a part of the Bases area. Akrotiri Base Area: 1) Municipality of Ypsonas, 2) Municipality of Kato Polemidion, 3) Community of Akrotiri, 4) Community of Avdimos, 5) Community of Paramali, 6) Community of Sotira (Limassol), 7) Community of Episkopi, 8) Community of Erimi, 9) Kolossi community, 10) Trachoni community, 11) Asomato community, 12) Circassian Chiftlik community.
Based on the data provided by the Administration of the Bases, the communities in question (in the area they occupy within the Bases) had a total population, based on the 2011 census, of 5,382 inhabitants.

As for the Dekelia Base area, they include: 1) Deryneia Municipality, 2) Lysis Municipality (area within the Bases: 308 hectares), 3) Kontea Community (area within the Bases: 8 hectares), 4) Avgoros Community, 5) Acheritos Community, 6) Achnas Community, 7) Liopetriou Community, 8) Ormideia Community, 9) Xylotymvos Community, 10) Xylofagos Community, 11) Frenaros Community, 12) Pyla Community, 13) Pergamon Community (The examination of the requests of the TC Community was made exclusively by the Administration of the Bases).

Based on the data provided by the Bases Administration, the said communities (in the area they occupy within the Bases) had a total population, based on the 2011 census, of 4,418 inhabitants.

Speaking to Brief, Town Planning Officer Maria Kitromelidou noted that great interest is expected in the development of the areas within the Bases. As he said, although the development plan is already running, however, so far it remains mainly at the philological level and this is logical as he explained as we are still in the period of objections. Specifically, from May when the plan was implemented and for a period of four months, i.e. until September, objections can be submitted in relation to the announced decisions. After the end of the specific period, interest is expected to increase sharply, since we are talking about a huge area of land that is being put to use in the provinces of Limassol, Larnaca and Famagusta.

Citizens living within British Bases will have no difference in how they submit a planning application for development. They will be addressed to the local urban planning authority, i.e. the urban planning department of the provincial administration of Larnaca, Famagusta or Limassol. After submitting their planning application, citizens will be treated exactly as a citizen is treated in the Republic of Cyprus.



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