Larnaka Municipality has reached the source many times, but its efforts did not bear fruit mainly due to the withdrawal of the University of Cyprus citing high costs. For this reason, following the agreement with the Cyprus University of Technology, it prepared, in cooperation with the city’s Development Committee, a comprehensive plan for the creation of the university faculty, which was presented a few days ago to President Christodoulides, receiving his approval.

“F” holds the Larnaka proposal, which includes proposed locations, costing, and a timetable for the operation of the school. The university faculty will consist of two departments, the Department of Marine Sciences and Technology and the Department of Sustainable Development and will initially offer two undergraduate and three postgraduate programs. Larnaka Municipality proposes as an ideal site for the construction of the school, a Turkish Cypriot plot in the Mackenzie area that has been granted to it and is located near the site where the Cyprus Institute for the Sea and Shipping (CMMI) will erect its new buildings. As mentioned, the area of 32,355 sq.m., a plot is also suitable for future expansion of the school’s facilities.
The proposal attaches great importance to the combination of the faculty with CMMI, which since its establishment four years ago, as noted, has succeeded in consolidating and growing, producing measurable work and securing further funding.
There is also a second space for the construction of the school, if the initial one causes legal or other complications. Specifically, the area of Pampoula, which is vacant state land in the city center, is proposed. Initially, the size of the required facilities of the School was estimated at 3,500 square meters of internal space, which will include, among others, auditoriums, conference and meeting rooms, classrooms, offices for teaching staff and undergraduate/postgraduate/doctoral students, laboratories to support teaching and research and advanced IT infrastructure, Virtual Libraries, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

According to the proposal, the university faculty will be able to operate in early 2027, initially employing 4 members of Teaching and Research Staff (DEP). In the full development of the programs of study in the 5 years of its operation, it will be able to reach more than 250 students from Cyprus and abroad, having 15 faculty members, as well as additional special teaching staff and special scientists.

The total preliminary costs required for the design and construction of the premises and necessary equipment have been estimated at EUR 16 million. and has been spread over a 4-year horizon. ECU 4 million will then be required. euros per year for operating expenses.

Larnaka Municipality also proposes possible sources of funding for the construction of the school’s premises and equipment, which could come from savings from the European Recovery and Resilience Fund and the European Fund THALEIA 2021-2027. It also proposes to include the school in the strategy of the European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund for the new programming period starting in 2024.

Source: €16 million for university faculty in Larnaca (



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