The housing policy and subsidy policy and support plans of the Ministry of Interior approved today by the Council of Ministers are improved, as stated by the competent Minister Nikos Nouris.

Based on these plans, the communities of Mammari, Denia and Troulla and the Municipality of Athienou are upgraded since they are now included instead of the plan of the border areas in that of mountainous and disadvantaged areas.

Mr. Nouris said in his statements after the meeting of the Ministry of Ministers that “we are re-proclaiming today the housing plans of the Ministry of Interior with very significant new improvements”. He added that “last year we had re-announced the plans and as a result of the many improvements we had brought about a total of 904 families benefited at a cost of 32.5 million.”

“This year we are re-proclaiming the plans for border, mountainous and outermost mountainous and disadvantaged areas. It is a project that we are re-proclaiming at an additional cost from EUR 15 million last year and we are increasing it to EUR 20 million. In addition, along with this particular plan, we are also improving the issues of subsidy policy,” he said.

He said that in 2022, 21 thousand 200 people benefited from the mountain areas allowance, with the total aid granted amounting to about 5 million. He also recalled that the Council of Ministers approved the granting of one-off aid equal to 50% of the aid of these allowances. That is, there was an additional expenditure for 2022 of 4.6 million, he said.

He noted that “these plans aim and aim to address, among other things, urbanization and with this year’s corrective actions we prove in practice that we really want to improve and expand the pool of beneficiaries of these plans, to add specific areas that are really needed always on the basis of the economic parameters and data of the state”. Especially, he added, “we are addressing young people with these interventions.”

He said that in this year’s housing plan “we have exceptionally included three communities that are entirely within the buffer zone and obviously have very special problems and they are the communities of Mammari, Denia and Troulloi”.

“These communities are being upgraded from the border area plan to the mountain and disadvantaged areas plan which increases both the benefits and the income criteria for participation in this plan,” the Home Secretary said.

He said that “the second improvement concerns the inclusion exceptionally of the Municipality of Athienou, which is also upgraded from the plan of the border areas to that of the mountainous and disadvantaged in order to increase the benefits due to the geographical specificity of the Municipality and the fact that in addition to the proximity it presents to the line of opposition it is enclosed with limited development possibilities”.

The third improvement, he noted, concerns the residential area of Pyla, the part of Pyla that did not fall within the border areas until today. “By joining this plan we are helping to improve population density in this community,” he added.

Regarding the subsidy policy and support plan, Mr. Nouris said that seven additional communities have joined it: Agios Amvrosios, Limassol, Doros, Kapilio, Kedara, Limnatis, Mesana and Monagri.

“There are seven communities that were judged to be included in the subsidy scheme and we have prepared a special plan which is part of this policy and concerns the community of Strobilia, which presents a picture of abandonment,” the MoD said.

As Mr. Nouris said, in order to give the opportunity to attract and stay in Strovilia, a grant scheme has been created for the existing structures and residences which will be granted as financial support for those owners who would like to improve these buildings in order to be able to live in the community of Strovilia.

According to him, the plans are all announced from March 1, 2023 with a deadline of December 31, 2023 “because we want to hope that any new government will follow our policy by re-evaluating annually and will re-proclaim these plans next year”.

For the benefit plans, Mr. Nouris said that April 3, 2023 is the start date for the submission of applications with a deadline of April 30, 2023.

Source:  Housing policy and benefit policy and support | AlphaNews.Live  



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