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The development of the British Bases will include theme parks, hospitals and schools – All design 

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The Strategic Environmental Impact Study of the Policy Statement under preparation for the areas of the British Bases in Akrotiri and Dhekelia, was announced today (10/6) by the Department of Environment. 

As mentioned, the Commander of the British Bases in a letter dated 5/6/2020, submitted to the Department of Environment of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment (i) the Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment (SES) of the areas under preparation of the Policy Statement of the British Cape and Dhekelia Bases, (ii) the draft Policy Statement and (iii) the relevant maps, in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 10 (3) of SEA Ordinance 5/2016.

The Strategy, the Policy Statement and the maps are available to the public and can be inspected, between Monday and Friday, from 9.00 am. – 2.00 pm, at the offices of the Department of Environment (28th October 20-22, 2414 Engomi, Nicosia). 

The inspection of the documents at the offices of the Department of Environment is added, and will be done after a telephone arrangement and by appointment at tel. 22408960. These documents are also posted on the websites of the Department of Environment and the Department of Urban Planning and Housing.

It is noted that any person can submit to the Department of Environment, opinions or representations regarding the content of the environmental study (EIA) and/or the effects that may result from the approval of the Plan to the environment, within 35 days from today, at el. mail

It is emphasized that the views/representations will concern the environmental dimensions of the Policy Statement and not urban issues.

Map 1: How the Urban Zones are formed in the area of Dhekelia:


What developments will be allowed
It is worth noting that, as stated yesterday (9/6) by the President of the Republic , Nikos Anastasiadis, the Agreement provides for a significant revision of the property status of properties , with full restoration of the rights of residents and property owners.

Briefly, among others:

1 / A very large percentage of the land within the British Bases is released for development purposes, which is now part of Urban Zones. Specifically, 1800 hectares of land (approximately 860 hectares in the Akrotiri area and another 930 hectares in the Dhekelia area) are included in Development Zones.

2 / The same applies as in the rest of the territory of the Republic of Cyprus in relation to the acquisition and development of property by Cypriots, Europeans and third country nationals, ensuring equal rights to residents and property owners in the British Bases in relation to the rest of the population of the Republic .

3 / In addition to residential, tourism, commercial, industrial and large-scale development, such as:

  • Various types of Schools (Secondary Schools, Regional Schools, Higher Education Schools). 
  • Theme Parks and Centers of Multiple Sports and Recreation.
  • Specialized type Clinics or Hospitals, Rehabilitation Clinics and other similar medical centers.

4 / Apart from defined Development Zones, it is also possible to license under certain conditions and smaller scale developments, such as:

  • Petrol Stations. 
  • Restaurants. 
  • Banquet Halls. 
  • Special Type Developments.

Map 2: How the Urban Zones are formed in the Akrotiri Area:

Main development objectives
According to the Policy Statement, as posted on the website of the Department of Environment, the main development objectives in the Cape and Dhekelia NW concern both the planning level and the individual thematic development policies and measures, so that to be in line with modern concepts of spatial design. 

Growth control is necessary to establish acceptable growth for the benefit of local Municipalities / Communities, to the extent permitted, while ensuring that it does not conflict with the political, military, environmental and security requirements of British Bases, in accordance with the relevant provisions. of the 2014 Settlement concerning the regulation of development within the territories of the said British Bases and the Establishment Treaty of the Republic of Cyprus of 1960. 

The main objectives in relation to development are:

  • Avoiding adverse effects on British military and security installations within areas of British Bases.
  • Respect, protection, preservation, promotion, prevention of excessive pressures and sustainable management of the environment of natural resources, landscape, natural beauty and the architectural, historical, social and cultural heritage of BB Akrotiri and Dhekelia.
  • Ensuring sufficient and suitable land for various developments, other than agriculture and the pursuit of its best use, where appropriate, or the protection of the environment.
  • The optimal utilization and protection of land that is suitable for agricultural or livestock purposes, with emphasis on the production of local and Mediterranean products. 
  • The creation and support of sustainable forms of development and employment opportunities, through the provision of alternative jobs in the fields of industry, crafts and services.
  • Encouraging agritourism and other alternative forms of sustainable tourism linked to the comparative advantages offered by BB Akrotiri and Dhekelia without compromising on the environmental and military safeguards or laws of the British Bases.
  • Encouraging the location of innovative uses / activities, especially in the field of research and technological development, in suitable areas of BB Akrotiri and Dhekelia which are considered inefficient for primary production.
  • Ensuring housing opportunities for public health services, health care, education, culture and entertainment according to the requirements of the British Bases and surrounding communities.
  • Ensuring the optimal location of infrastructure projects that are necessary to support communities located in or around British Bases. Larger-scale infrastructure projects will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the British Base Administration. 
  • Creating a modern and safe road network.
  • The protection of BB Akrotiri and Dhekelia from natural and other hazards, including the protection of soils from erosion and desertification mainly in mountainous and coastal areas.
  • The safe and sustainable management of solid hazardous and liquid waste.
  • Control, further pressures and sustainable use of coastal zones, as well as coastal ecosystems (wetlands, estuaries, coastal forests, dunes), protected marine areas and the sea in general.
  • Conservation, protection and improvement of the environment, including the conservation of natural habitats, biodiversity and wildlife.
  • Protecting surface and groundwater resources and taking action to address the challenges posed by them, such as drought, floods, climate change and pollution, including atmospheric pollution.
  • Ensuring a balanced variety of compatible uses, where desired, separating as much as possible and / or avoiding close proximity, incompatible uses especially in the case of military uses / installations for security purposes, as well as resolving problems caused by conflicting uses.
  • General development strategy    
    The General Development Strategy of the BB Akrotiri and Dhekelia Policy Statement is the organized and integrated development of settlements , by discouraging the dispersion of different types of development in areas other than the defined, prudent and optimal management of resources and its preservation. quality of the environment and its rural character. The chosen General Development Strategy is based on the principle of sustainable development to use resources in moderation to continue to be offered and produced for future generations and to continuously harmonize the need for development and protection / management of the natural and cultural environment. 
  • It is also in line with the guidelines and philosophy promoted by the Republic of Cyprusregarding territorial cohesion and in particular the activation of the diverse territorial potential of the regions, through a local development approach of community groups.Key objectives of the General Development Strategy:
    • The planned and sensible promotion, control and implementation of developments, in order to achieve the sustainable and generally sustainable development of BB Akrotiri and Dhekelia, with special emphasis on the management of natural resources, the environment and the landscape.
    • The retention and the possible increase of the permanent population of the Municipalities / Communities that fall in the North of Akrotiri and Dhekelia and the strengthening of the demographic composition, with full utilization of the comparative advantages of each sub-area.
    • Achieving the economic and social balance and cohesion of the Municipalities / Communities that are part or all of them within the NW of Akrotiri and Dhekelia.
    • Highlighting the overall attractiveness of BB Akrotiri and Dhekelia, with variations of individual policies, where required, depending on their particular characteristics and comparative advantages. 
    • The creation of sustainable settlements / Municipalities / Communities where part or all of them are located in BB Akrotiri and Dhekelia, by offering adequate opportunities for housing, employment, education and services, by improving their accessibility and the substantial upgrade of the quality of life.



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