Petrolina Group’s vision for the development of the Land of Tomorrow project on the Larnaca – Dhekelia coastal front has begun to be realized with the assignment of the masterplan design to the world-renowned architectural firm Foster + Partners.

Petrolina Group has given the green light for the launch of the design to the architectural office Foster + Partners, which in collaboration with UDS Architects and coordinated by Delfi Partners & Co., are preparing to make a reality of the Group’s vision for the development and transformation of the area into a pole of attraction and destination.

The basic principles of the masterplan design are sustainability, the dominance of green and open spaces with the adoption of strict principles of environmental design, access to modern infrastructure as well as the connection with the surrounding areas.

With the contribution and excellent cooperation of local authorities, the Land of Tomorrow project will provide new and significant investment opportunities and uses in the fields of tourism, culture, entrepreneurship, innovation and the environment while boosting the local economy.

Ben Scott, Senior Partner at Foster + Partners, said: “It is a great honour for us to work with the Land of Tomorrow project team to create a new, environmentally sensitive, vision for the development of Larnaca’s northern coastal front. Undoubtedly, the masterplan will define a new standard for a sustainable mixed-use coastal community and will be a catalyst for the responsible upgrading of Larnaca and the wider area.

Especially after our first visit to the project development area, we feel that we share a common vision with the Petrolina team and we are ready to give our best to give the city of Larnaca the development it really deserves”.

As Andreas Lefkaritis stated, “The Land of Tomorrow is a project that will truly transform the area, creating a huge, seamless coastal front that will upgrade not only our city, but also the image of Cyprus internationally. We are proud that the whole project is starting to take shape with the help of a world-renowned architectural firm such as Foster + Partners”.

Source:  Larnaca: The first step towards the Land of Tomorrow (  



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