An End To Trapped Buyers In The Works

A bill has been placed before a plenary session of parliament that should prevent any more people buying property in Cyprus becoming ‘trapped buyers’. For readers who have not come across the term ‘tr…

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100 Million Projects For The “New” Larnaca-Ambitious Plans

After achieving the first major goal, which was the demolition of the oil tanks and given that by the beginning of 2023, the gas facilities will have been moved, the Municipality of Larnaca began plan…

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British Bases: Fully Committed To Development Deal

The British bases in Cyprus said on Wednesday they remain fully engaged with the communities’ part of the non-military development (NMD) agreement, a day after the House committee on refugees heard th…

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Larnaca Land Of Tomorrow – The Masterplan

Creating a future-proof Masterplan start…

Living in Cyprus

Discover the benefits of living in Cypru…


Cyprus has emerged as an attractive dest…

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