Malicious tenants save time when faced with eviction. During yesterday’s session of the Parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs, DISY, which tabled a bill amending the Law on Rent so that evictions can be made through express procedures, accepted the amendments proposed by AKEL.

Specifically, AKEL’s amendments vary the timetable for evictions of tenants who owe rent to real estate owners. Therefore, tenants will be evicted in two months and tenants in three months. Changes to the legislation will affect properties located within municipalities that were built before 2000. Newer property will have other legislation. Next Friday, the DISY law proposal is expected to go to plenary. 

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The parties have already begun consultations so that the law proposal gets the required majority. It is worth noting that the legislation will enter into force on the date of publication of the law in the Official Journal of the State and will not apply to existing eviction procedures. In particular, the proposal will amend the law on rentals to make the procedures for the recovery of property and the collection of arrears more effective in the event that tenants fail to meet their contractual obligations.

Under the law proposal, if the tenant fails to pay the rent, the full amount and not part, for four months, the landlord can give him a written warning that he will be required to pay off his debts within 21 days. In fact, if the lessee fails to settle the debts after 21 days, the landlord can appeal to the court and begin the eviction proceedings.

It is noted that from the day the eviction process begins, the tenant will have 14 days to show proof that he has paid his debts, otherwise the eviction process will begin. According to the provisions of the proposed law, if the lessee presents proof of payment of his debts, he is entitled to a defense in the eviction procedure.



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