The procedures for moving the oil, gas and asphalt storage facilities from the coastal front of Larnaca to Vasiliko are in progress.

A statement from the Municipality of Larnaca states that during a recent teleconference of the competent Interministerial Committee, the issue of moving the oil and gas facilities from the coastal front of Larnaca to Vasiliko and the asphalt storage facilities and various issues related to the operation of the new Center in Vasiliko “.

It is added that “regarding the liquid fuel facilities, the company Hellenic Petroleum (EL.PE) has completed the dismantling of its facilities and the company PETROLINA is expected to complete the dismantling of its own facilities in a short time. Regarding the dismantling of the facilities of the company EXXON MOBIL, the Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry and the Mayor of Larnaca, will take the initiative of contacts with the company in order to meet the schedules which expire in July 2021 “.

Regarding the asphalt storage facilities, “the Minister of Energy reaffirmed that all licenses for the KETAP facilities expire on 30/06/2021 and will not be renewed. Therefore, all work will be completed on this date. “

The announcement characterizes “a more important development in relation to the relocation of LPG facilities, the fact that the Board of Directors of the Port Authority announced that in addition to the permanent solution which is the creation of anchorage, has approved as a temporary solution the unloading of LPG from Vasilikos Port with specific equipment and with all the necessary protection and safety measures “.

“The solution of this problem by the Port Authority, essentially helps to overcome the last major obstacle to the transportation of LPG,” it said.

It adds that “the facilities of the VLPG Consortium are progressing rapidly and it is estimated that within the summer they will be ready and all the required LPG unloading equipment will be ordered immediately from the port. This process is not expected to last more than a few months, while a delegation of the Municipal Council will visit at the end of June, the new facilities of VLPG in Vasiliko to confirm that the schedules are met “. 

The Municipality of Larnaca “will continue to monitor closely the developments regarding the specific issues and is ready to intervene if and if this is deemed necessary”.



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