In Cyprus, education is for everyone, and it is compulsory for children from the age of 5 to 15. The different stages of the local education system are pre-school kindergarten, primary school, lower and higher secondary schools, and higher education at tertiary colleges and universities. 

Overseas Students Studying in Cyprus

Apart from the fact that Cyprus universities offer internationally recognized bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, with credits that are transferable to other EU countries and also the US and Canada, there is more to studying in Cyprus than the academic challenges and achievements. Students in Cyprus enjoy the freedom of activity and expression in a safe environment that is known to have a very low crime rate. Not only is there the warm Mediterranean climate but also the multicultural environment helps students adjust to their new setting and make friends with many other nationals. If necessary, they can also find part-time student jobs. The result is a well-rounded student life that combines education with work and time for recreation.

Currently the following universities have a licence by the Ministry of Education and Culture to issue academic degrees:

Public Universities

University of Cyprus

Open University of Cyprus

Cyprus University of Technology

Private Universities

European University Cyprus

Frederick University

Neapolis University

University of Central Lancashire (UCLan Cyprus)

University of Nicosia

Philips University

Private Institutions of Tertiary Educations

A.C. American College


Aigaia School of Art and Design

Alexander College

Arte Music Academy

Atlantis College

Casa College

CBS – College of Business Studies

C.D.A. College

Church of Cyprus – School of Theology

City Unity College Nicosia

College of Tourism & Hotel Management

Cyprus College

Cyprus International Institute of Management

Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine

Frederick Institute of Technology

Global College

Institute of Professional Studies (IPS), UCLan Cyprus


InterNapa College

KES College

Larnaca College

Ledra College



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