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Financing Option


The buyer must be able to prove his/her repayment ability with a stable income.
* You have to apply for an appointment with our Bank.

In order to evaluate any prospective loan request , all new customers must provide us with the following: 

– Application and Supporting documents

All prospective customers must complete the attached Personal Financial Statement and provide us with the below supporting documents for the purpose of evaluating their loan request.

1. Proof of income. The proof of income can be in the form of monthly salary slips or a monthly salary confirmation provided by the employer. Otherwise, if the prospective applicant is considered to be self-employed, then we accept a salary confirmation from a third party such as an accountant, income tax application, tax clearance, bank statements etc.

Also, proof of any other income that the customer may be receiving eg. rental income, company dividends, other benefits etc.

2. Monthly Debt Payments. We will be requiring information regarding the current credit facilities the applicant maintains in the form of loan statements and / or current account statements which show payments of monthly instalments of existing credit facilities. 

It is important if a “Credit Scoring” report could be provided which is issued from an independent organization from the country of residence of the prospective customer or from any other country in which the customer maintains credit facilities (eg. a CDR report from Lebanon , eg. Equifax report in the UK etc).

3. We will also be requiring a copy of the applicant’s passport and/or Identity card, and proof of residence address (such as a utility bill that was sent to the home address).

4. In the case whereby the applicant is considered to be self-employed, we will be requiring information regarding the related company / sole proprietorship status (eg. bank statements , Memorandum and Article of Association, Audited Financial Statements etc).

Any prospective guarantors must also complete the attachment and provide us with the supporting documents listed above. 

– Property

We will require a copy of the sales contract of the property or title deed of the property. The information will be used in order to proceed with the valuation of the property.

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