Villas for “rooftops” in Cyprus up to € 26 million

Expensive homes and apartments for sale in Cyprus are growing and populating. Thousands of millions of luxury homes are looking for a buyer and it is not difficult to understand that the majority is i…

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Νέα Πολιτική Αδειοδότησης

Υφιστάμενη κατάσταση Κάντε κλικ ή κάντε λήψη to κάτω αρχείο για να ενημερωθείτε … ΤΕΛΙΚΟ-ΑδειοδοτησηDownload

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At the final line is the School of the Sea

In front of the University of Cyprus there is a proposal by the Municipality of Larnaca suggesting two locations where the University of Cyprus School of Marine Science and Technology can be establish…

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Larnaca Land Of Tomorrow – The Masterplan

Creating a future-proof Masterplan start…

Living in Cyprus

Discover the benefits of living in Cypru…


Cyprus has emerged as an attractive dest…

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